The Albatorium

The Albatorium is the most important building in the City of Southernwood. This is where the Session - or government - meet, where Session members and invited islanders gather to talk and eat in the Great and Public Halls.

This is where Winifred toils in her kitchen, helped by Lisette. It's also where our Treasurer, Filibert, and the chief of the guard, Trevello, work in their offices.

Down in the underfloor is Bassan's Laboratory. He would probably have wanted me to mention that first!

And, of course, above the Halls, we have the Library with its archives, museum, writing rooms, and family history library - also known as the family leaves library. This floor is Marchus' domain.

Up the stairs from the Library is a small room - the Legator's chamber. And from here, steps lead onto the Albatorium roof.

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