Arboretum magic!

An arboretum is a tree collection - a specialized assemblage of different trees. Here I share with you the arboretums I have visited. And is it arboretums or arboreta? Both, according to the dictionaries at Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press :)

You'll also find trees as well as many other plants in my section about botanical gardens.

uk arboretums

Westonbirt - the National Arboretum

Lots of big, mature trees here, as well as some interesting younger specimens.

Check out

  • beautiful maples, including snakebarks
  • trees with giant leaves
  • a delightful Chinese tulip tree ...
  • ... and a Japanese toothache tree!
Larix decidua,
the European larch


Westonbirt - Silk Wood

Plenty to see walking around the wilder side of Westonbirt in Silk Wood: wonderful leaves, trunks, flowers and fruit!

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