botanical gardens

Botanical gardens are a delight to visit. I focus quite a lot on the trees I see at some of these gardens, but there are, of course, a few other super plants - and other stuff - that I simply must show you!

Magnolia delavayi leavesMagnolia delavayi
~Kew Gardens~
Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum' leavesJapanese maple
De Laubenfels' araucariaDe Laubenfels' araucaria
~Melbourne Botanic Gardens~

I've been lucky enough to visit botanical gardens in Europe, North America and Australia. I have seen the entrance of Singapore Botanic Garden from the tourist bus but as we were stopping over our way from the UK to Australia I didn't have time to go in. That's for next time!


Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

An incredible collection, absolutely bursting with interesting trees and beautifully laid out.

See the best of my weekend walks around the Melbourne gardens, including

  • native Australian trees such as gums and banksia
  • trees from the Araucariaceae family
  • international trees such as the firewheel tree, pictured.
Stenocarpus sinuatus,
the firewheel tree


Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Short on time, but ever enthusiastic, my race around Sydney's garden provided me with many amazing tree moments, including my encounter with the dragon's blood tree, shown here.

Black booyong, cudgerie, a weeping lilli pilli - it was a whole new world.

Grab your hat and sunscreen and come for a run with me around this fab garden!

Dracaena draco,
the dragon's blood tree

united kingdom

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

A rainy day in Kew meant there was almost  nobody around to disturb me while I took tons of photos.

See the plant family beds, the trees I spotted on my way to the Ice House, and some very wet views from the Treetop Walkway.

Araucaria araucana,
the monkey puzzle tree

more botanical gardens still to come ...

There are many more trees to show you, both here where I live in Bulgaria, as well as further afield. I'm looking forward to visiting more gardens this year, and will hopefully get to Bristol and Oxford during the summer to see their University gardens so that I can add them to the list below :)


UBG Sofia

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia



Coate Water Tree Collection, Swindon



New York

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