A tour of the hintermounts

I often glimpse the Hintermounts when trekking through woody hills. So I've put a collection of photos together to give you a flavor of this lovely place.

forest path
trail with timber

A typical track through the Hintermounts. Trees, timber, leaves, sun!


sun through tree canopy
yellow wild flowers
pink flower in the forest
orange and brown butterfly

Sunshine and shade, wild flowers and butterflies.


beech leaves

Lots of beech here, with their beechnut husks nestling between the leaves.


spider web in sunshine
moss covered ground beneath the trees

This spider's enjoying the warmth! And a green, mossy carpet covers the ground.


rocky stream
fungus covered timber

Water, rock, timber, lichen, fungus - a fantastic combination.


a bench in the shade of the forest

Somewhere to sit.


a dry river gully

A dry gully.


clothes hanging by the cavern

The Hintermount cave.


fresh spring water flowing out of the rocks

Within the cave, a spring.


About the photographs

All the photos on this page were taken while hiking through the Strandja Nature Park in Bulgaria.

This is an incredible place - a low mountain range bordering Turkey to the south, with the sea to the east and the Thracian plain to the west!

There are ancient forests, totally unspoilt, and with a huge variety of flora and fauna.

There is, indeed, a cavern here, where pilgrims come to leave clothing and to ask for healing.

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