The mazer: cast of characters

Here's a list of characters - including trees! - from The Mazer:


Silva Leon ~ Daughter of Zossimo and Eldis

Zossimo Leon ~ Legator and Librarian of Southernwood until 1125. Presumed murdered.

Eldis Leon ~ Died 1126. Daughter of Elsha. Wife of Esmond.

The Almanagic ~ A stranger to the island. Trusted by Zossimo. Friend of trees.

Winifred Whiteacre ~ Albatorium cook and friend of Silva.

Filibert Muchbright ~ Albatorium Treasurer.

Trevello Glendower ~ Chief of the Southernwood guard.

Bassan Zabal ~ Librarian of Southernwood.

Wystan Zabal ~ Legator of Southernwood and Bassan's younger brother.

Medrella Zabal ~ Wystan's wife.

Reystan Zabal ~ Chief Shipwright, father of Bassan and Wystan. Lost at sea 1106.

Marchus ~ Albatorium archivist.

Harold ~ Albatorium bell ringer and errands boy.

Rath Forth ~ Prisoner in the Albatorium. Convicted of Zossimo's murder in 1126.

Fabia - Harold's mother.

Lisette ~ Winifred's assistant cook.

Arpad ~ A Homestead guard.

Osbert ~ A fisherman from Quagfen.

Sheridan ~ A shipwright from Deep Dock in Oakenwood.

Odalrich ~ Legator of Southernwood before Zossimo. Died 1110.


Great Ash ~ Famous as Master Ash in the Southernwood story book Tree Tales.

Great Aspen ~ Grows through the middle of the Albatorium in Southernwood City.

Great Oak ~ Resides by Zossimo's greenhouse in Oakenwood.

Great Yew ~Situated in the garden of the Temple of Yewlith in Westernwood.

Maple ~ Searched for by Bassan.

Old Elm ~ Also known as the Wishing Tree, Old Elm lives up by Northernwood.

Isleaf - An aspen in Skeps Wood near Silva's cabin.

The Sundial Tree ~ Grows in the market square in front of the Albatorium.

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