A Map of southernwood

Southernwood City, Quagfen, Ashenwood, the Hintermounts, Spinney Henge, Yewlith...oh! Did you get lost?

Never mind! Take a look at my map and find your bearings.

map of the island of southernwood

Feel free to print out or save this image :)

If you're using a desktop computer, you can save the map image  and send it to your Kindle or mobile device.

Here's how:

  • To view the map within Kindle, use the Send to Kindle  application, free from Amazon.
  • Alternatively, send yourself an email with the image attached, and access your message from your mobile. Then save the map onto your phone or iPod to view whenever you want!

How to zoom in on an image using the 5-way controller on a Kindle device:
Place the curser over the map using the 5-way controller. A magnifying glass icon appears. Press the 5-way controller to zoom in. Press it again to zoom in more!

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