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Jun 20, 2014

Interview with C.K. Nolan

Here's a fun interview I gave to Awesome Gang where I talk a little about myself and my writing!

And don't forget, The Mazer is currently free at Amazon.com and around the world until Sunday night so don't delay - grab your copy today :)

Apr 11, 2014

The Mazer Facebook Launch Party!

Come along to FB on Saturday, 12th April and join in the fun on my author page:

C.K. Nolan's Facebook Page

Find out more about the world of the Mazer - there will be photos and pix, info about the characters, even a little music :)

You're very welcome to pop in and say hello!

Apr 03, 2014

A Map of the Island of Southernwood

A map of the Island of Southernwood. You're welcome to print it or save to your computer and send to your mobile device.

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